Saturday, October 15, 2016

Masquerade March at Fantasy Fest

The Masquerade March is by far the best event at Fantasy Fest, Key West's annual mad and crazy party. The best thing about Masquerade March is that it features you.... visitor or local alike you are the march, you are the event - all 5000 (or more) of us. Don't be a boring spectator - get dressed up and be part of the fun.

p.s. it's not really a March - it could equally be called the People's parade, or the Masquerade walk, stumble or dance.

The 2016 Masquerade March in Key West is on Friday 28 October.

The route is through Old Town from one guest house to the next (i.e. from one free drink to the next), and ends up on Duval Street.

This year I will be live blogging on this blog post the build up and then will have loads of pictures the next day. I can't blog during the March because I will be marching myself.

But here's the thing: it's a masquerade: a false show, or pretence, being someone you are not. Or, in simpler words, fancy dress!

Get your fancy dress thinking caps on. Almost everyone dresses up, in a thousand different outfits.

It's excellent!

For more information on Fantasy Fest, and on the Masquerade March - click here - it's another post I did.

This blog will be regularly updated nearer Masquerade March time, so come back then for lots more.

See you in just under 2 weeks!

David Key West
15 October 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fantasy Fest 2016 live blog

Yes I am still here. Yes, Fantasy Fest is very quickly approaching. Yes, we are still  visiting Key West for this year's Fantasy Fest. Yes, this live blog of Fantasy Fest will be much busier as soon as I arrive in Key West in a few weeks.

And, yes, whilst we have chosen our Fantasy Fest costume I have not bought any of it and I am panicking. A lot.

If you are coming to FF this year, it would be amazing if you left a comment and told me what fancy dress you are coming as. (I won't copy,  promise, we really have decided what we are wearing for Masquerade March.)

See you soon.

David Key West
1 October 2016

Fantasy Fest 2016 in Key West is taking place between 21 October and 30 October 2016. It's a series of fun parties which culminate in the two best events: the Masquerade March on Friday 28 October and the main parade on Saturday 29 October. It's fantastic to visit if you like busy parties, hedonism and don't mind Key West being as busy as it ever gets.

This year's theme is Political Voodoo and Ballot Box Barbarians - a theme which is too long, too boring and too ridiculous for words (no really, I can't believe someone actually though this was a good idea).

However, let's move on! Here's a good thing: we are going to Fantasy Fest 2016! Yeah! So I will be live blogging Fantasy Fest 2016 just like I did the Fantasy Fest 2014 live blog.

And even better, rather than agonize for months, we have already decided our outfit for the Masquerade March (which some bright spark seems to want to now call the People's Parade - yawn!). I'm not going to tell you what we decided - you'll have to  wait until 28 October.

For Fantasy Fest newbies who want more info on the basics of visiting for Fantasy Fest this post from me is for you.

To see loads of pictures of what it's like - see my live blog of the 2014 Fantasy Fest here.

In fact, I will do the live blog of 2016 here in this very post. So  check back regularly - especially nearer the event - when I will be updating this post VERY REGULARLY!!

See you soon!

David Key West
January 2016

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Key West vacation

A Key West vacation is hot, sunny, beautiful and fun. A Key West vacation can also be expensive, humid and wet. This post is all about helping you decide if the tropical vacation spot Key West is right - or wrong - for you.

Right now you might be thinking, what's NOT to like about Key West? 

At the risk of starting on a negative note, here's some things that might put you off a Key West vacation.

Downsides of a Key West vacation
  • Key West is expensive - the hotels and B&Bs, especially in peak season (i.e. the season you'll want to come here) charge a small fortune. There are only a few good cheap accommodation options
  • Key West is small, really small
  • Key West in off peak (August to November) is uncomfortably humid 
  • There are only 2 beaches on the island and only 1 is good
  • Key West is not that geared up for kids
If you prefer to see the glass half full, here are the best things about Key West. 

Upsides of a Key West vacation 

  • Sunny
  • Hot but not too hot (heat is never a problem, it does get very humid between August and November)
  • Pretty - Key West style houses, tree laden streets, flowers, plants, lush tropical 
  • There are some great hotels but many of the B&Bs / guesthouses are even better (as they are original historic homes built in the 1800s so you are living like a local in a cool looking property)
  • Mostly friendly people
  • It's a walking, not driving, town
  • Can be busy in peak time, but walk a few streets away from Duval Street and it's quiet and peaceful
  • Great selection of bars covering all tastes
  • Great selection of restaurants covering all tastes
  • 80% of bars and restaurants within walking distance of most hotels and B&Bs - meaning you don't have to drive and so you can relax (and drink a lot!)
  • Some world famous stuff like Sloppy Joe's, the Hemingway House, Blue Heaven restaurant
  • Historic - Key West has a long and fascinating history to discover (e.g. Key West museum, lighthouse, Audubon House)


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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Top 10 posts on Key West Lookout

Here are the top 10 most read articles on this blog since I started Key West Lookout in 2009. Key West Lookout is written by me and only me. I am a regular Key West visitor, and have been taking vacations in Key West since 1998. My aim is to provide the best, most comprehensive and most up-to-date Key West vacation guide on the planet. See you in Key West! This blog was last updated in June 2016.

#1: Best time of year to visit Key West

#2: Key West hotels

#3: Top things to do in Key West

#4: What to do in Key West when it rains

#5: Key West restaurants

#6: Gay Key West

#7: Best cocktails and martinis in Key West

#8: Key West guesthouses

#9: Planing a Key West vacation

#10: Key West pictures

  • Crazy Key West - 25 of my funniest, silliest pictures from the last 10 years in Key West. Yes, Key West is eccentric and a little mad.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cheap hotels in Key West

Here are my 5 tips to find cheap Key West hotels and B&Bs and then my current top recommendations. You'll need all the help you can get - Key West is beautiful but a very expensive place to stay. Last updated: 14 November 2015.

1. Don't limit your search to hotels - there are 20 times more good value guesthouses than hotels in Key West. It's just that kind of place. This is a good thing.

4 more tips...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Planning a Key West visit

This post will help if you're planning a Key West visit or vacation and have questions like when to visit Key West, how long to stay, when is the rainy season, what are the best budget hotels, and how to get to Key West. Here's the Key West truth from a fellow Key West visitor.
Planning a Key West visit. This picture is taken during the summer when crowds are much fewer
This post will answer these questions:
  • When should I visit Key West?
  • How many days should I stay? Is a weekend too short?
  • How to get to Key West?
  • How bad is the traffic?
  • Where to stop off on the way down the Keys?
  • How long to stay in Key West?
  • Do you need a car / what to so with the car while in Key West?
  • What to wear in Key West?  How formal is Key West?
  • Where to stay and what to do?
  • How good is Key West for children?
So click on the link below and let's get going....

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Most beautiful Key West houses and homes

There are some very expensive and beautiful homes in Key West. They are all in Old Town Key West and so very walkable in an hour if you are in a rush or a few hours if you just randomly wander down a few streets in Key West.

Here are a just a few highlights to make you want to come to Key West and also to make you jealous of these beautiful and historic homes.

I think this is my favorite Key West home, 1029 Fleming Street. Immaculate white and all the elements of the house work together in perfect harmony. Very Key West Old Town it also helps that this house is very imposing and also huge. The second image below shows the side view, showing how long the house is. It's not so uniform from the side, for example the 4 sided feature, which I think  makes it even more interesting.

One of the most beautiful homes in Key West - 1029 Fleming Street